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What We Offer

Did you know that out-sourcing your office tasks can more than halve the cost of employing staff in-house? For a start, you only pay for the work done and not for idle moments, coffee breaks, National Insurance, holidays, sick days and so on. And don't forget that it's all tax deductible! There are no hidden costs or overheads whatsoever and we liaise closely with you to ensure that we work in the way you want.

"The most traumatic transition is from being a sole trader - which is what the vast majority of businesses in Britain are - to hiring staff. ....But many people have said that they would rather make less money than get into the hassle and red tape of hiring workers. They prefer stagnation to stress." (from the Business pages of the Daily Telegraph 23/09/02)

Whether you're a sole trader or a larger organisation, there's no need to settle for stagnation or stress when we offer a complete range of office services including :-

  • Dealing with correspondence
  • Raising invoices & credit control
  • Arranging travel, hotels etc.
  • Organising appointments & diary
  • Dealing with e-mails
  • Purchase orders, payments & banking
  • Setting up/maintaining databases
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Preparation of year end accounts for auditing
  • Book-keeping & VAT
  • Producing Annual Reports
  • Professional proofreading
  • Meetings & minutes
  • Deal with company cars, phones, insurances etc.
  • Almost anything else you can think of!

If you don't see what you want on this list, just ask!

The first consultation with a client is free and there's no obligation.
Costs vary according to the amount/type of work required with straightforward 'remote' work at £24 per hour, plus expenses, with supplements for 'on site' work - and remember it's all tax deductible.
We also offer a special charity rate which is heavily discounted - such value for so much experience in this field!

Our flexible approach will prove so useful as your business grows - you'll wonder how you ever managed without us!



Arranging Appointments/Organising Diary/Travel/Insurance etc.

We can keep an up-to-date diary of all your commitments, both business and personal. We’ll make all your appointments and ensure that they don’t overlap. We can even send out your birthday cards for you! Need to organise some insurance? Or a conference hotel? Or find new staff? We can do all this for you - and more or less anything else too.


Dealing with correspondence, confirming appointments etc. can take hours of your valuable time – time you could be turning into income. We can e-mail or fax same day replies, either to you to OK before we send, or direct to the recipient. This efficiency will add to your business image.

Invoices and Credit Control

It’s vital to keep the cash flowing in any business, and the smaller the business the more important this can be. All too often, raising invoices doesn’t get the priority it should. We’ll ensure that all invoices are raised and sent on the correct day. It's all very well raising invoices but it's equally important to make sure they are paid by the due date - it's that cash flow problem again. Our experience in credit control will kick in as soon as payment is due.

Meetings and Minutes

If you need someone to attend a meeting and take the minutes, look no further. We're not just office bound but are prepared to travel when required.


Modern business practice demands that all e-mails are dealt with promptly. Failure to do so gives an impression of being disinterested. We can deal with e-mails as they arrive – definitely giving the right impression!


We have the expertise to set up and maintain your databases for you. A database can cover anything you want – your customers, your product range, donations etc...., etc.....

Accounts and Banking

We can take care of all your day-to-day book-keeping and accounts ready for the accountant, including VAT and PAYE. We are happy to deal with banking and bank reconciliations too. We even have a CIMA trained management accountant on hand.


It's tempting to think that you can skip proofreading when you're producing literature to be read by customers and clients. But it's this attention to detail that will give you the edge over less conscientious competitors. Whether your need is full publisher's copy-editing or proofreading on a smaller scale we have the expertise to do the job.


We've been running the administration for charities for over 10 years so there's not a lot we don't know about it! Take advantage of our special 'charity' rate.

Company Related Matters

You may be just setting up a company, or you may need to change the company name or directors' details. Or you may need to set up a Stakeholder Pension, lease a car or sort out a mobile phone. No problem. We've done it all before. Why waste your valuable time when we can do it faster?

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